Hardened and Immutable Backups for IT Providers!

The most valuable commodity in today’s business world is digital information.  Modern American businesses are rendered useless without it.  In fact, digital information has become so critical that its availability is taken for granted by the people who use it.

Like all valuable assets, digital information is as valuable to thieves and hijackers as it is to the people who own it.  Unlike our common day thieves, the enemy of digital information is often invisible.  Over the past few decades IT providers like yours have been created to arm and protect data for countless organizations around the country.  Recently however, kinks in this armor have been detected and exploited by the invisible enemy, often rendering data and its guardians completely useless.

With the increased threat of cyber-attacks, IT providers are looking to outsource many of their services to trusted partners such as MSSPs and Helpdesk companies. Hackers, Crypto lockers, and other cyber-thieves have mastered their trade. Once the enemy has penetrated an organization’s platform, the entire platform is vulnerable, and the security layers managed by the IT provider has undoubtedly been breached. In today’s cyber world, another level of protection is essential.

Partnering with a BUaaS provider does two things, it creates a secondary level of protection for an IT provider’s clients, and it alleviates much of the risk associated with having one’s client breached through supply chain attacks. After all, if a ship carrying gold was being hijacked, you wouldn’t just hide the gold in a different area of the same ship, would you?

Like all enemies, cyber-thieves are extremely adaptive and progressive. It is imperative that the people who protect Data stay ahead of them. An IT provider implementing simple internal backup systems is a thing of the past. The most successful technology providers will stay ahead of the curve by partnering and leveraging such solutions as the Secure Backup Cloud. This approach will allow providers to deploy redundant, reliable, and highly secured backup environments for their customers most valuable asset, their business data.

Features of Spectrum Data’s Secure Backup Cloud

  • Air Gapped Repositories

  • Unlimited Backup

  • Off-site Storage Replication

  • Ransomware Protection

  • All Infrastructure Types

  • All Application Types

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